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21 July 2015

Gradual in the Shower Tanner? I am Not Too Sure...

You know products where by when they first come out and you really want to love them, you try them and then you are not too sure on them? Well, this was what it was like for me with this product....

Can I just say that I was so excited for this product and I keep going back and forth on whether I like this product or not. When it first came out and I saw the advertisement for it, I thought yes!! Finally a tanning product that works for my lazy, laid back beauty routine. No more standing around starkers in my bathroom waiting to try. No more avoiding white for the first 48 hours for fear of transfer. A product that can be used as part of my morning bathroom routine that would leave me with gorgeous, holiday glow skin.

St. Tropez Gradual Tan in the Shower is the first of it's kind on the market. Much like Nivea's in the shower body lotion, you simply apply, wait five minutes, rinse off, pat dry and boom! Gradual tan develops. First of the pros. Goodbye bad tanner smell! You no long smell of gone of biscuit. Secondly, it saves you so much more time than normal gradual tanners, you are done and dusted as soon as your ready to wash your conditioner off. Finally, for fair skin girls like myself, you are like with sun kissed skin.

No for the cons. When I say sun kissed, I mean the sun has lightly pecked you. It is not the deep bronze goddess look that the advert makes out you will achieve (damn you Kate!!) This is after continous use for one week. If anyone was meant to go a deep bronze colour after excessive use, it was Caspar the friendly ghost here. The other thing is, what the hell are you meant to do in those five minutes that you have to wait for it to develop?!? You can't go near water or anything runny for fear so streaks, so it is not like you can multi task and cleanse your face. Also, how do you know when five minutes is up? Finally, the cost. I got the product on offer at £9.99 but it is currently selling for £14.50. Between you and me I would not waste my pennies. Sure I think it would be great once you have gained a natural tan and want to keep it, but not something I would purchase to gain an all year around glow. 

As I was saying, I want to love it and I am trying to love it but I am not too sure. Maybe next week I will be obsessed, but not a product that I am a die hard fan over...


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