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7 July 2015

Frozen Acai Beauty Bowl

Here's something cold and fruity to sink your teeth into on these warm summer mornings....

This is my favourite breakfast to eat in the morning (as can be seen on my Instagram account) What's good about it also is that it is super healthy and super nutritious for  you; thanks to a secret super food ingredient.

Acai berries are incredibly good for you; it helps increase your antioxidant levels. It boosts your energy levels and helps support your immune systems. In other words, its seriously powerful and seriously good for you. 

You can buy it in many forms, but my favorite is the powder, the best being Naturya which can be brought here on Amazon with super speedy delivery! 

It's super simple and super easy to create, but you do require purchasing some equipment if you do not have it already. A blender is all you need, you can go Nutribullet if you wanted to, or like myself you can invest in the Breville Blend- Active for a third of the price! Seriously, what you waiting for? Pick one up now!! And while you are at it, pick up the following things to make this delicious dish...

(Serves One)
- 1 Banana (frozen)
- Couple of handfuls of frozen summer berries
(you can buy the boxes for £2.00 at your local supermarket)
- Couple of handfuls of fresh raspberries/ strawberries/ blueberries
- 1 tbs of Acai powder
- Almond milk
- Salt and pepper

- Put all the ingredients into your blender and whip it up!! The mixture will be quite thick so keep pushing the power button until it is nice and smooth!!

- Once you have the consistency, place it into your bowl of choice. Chop up some fruit and sprinkle on some oats and then.... enjoy!!

It's so simple, you have no excuse not to give it a go! Remember to show me your photographs by tagging me in your Tweets or Instagram photos. 


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