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27 July 2015

Becoming a Bubbleologist with Bubbleology*

As my blog name might suggest, I love tea (I am English after all). Cold ice tea is one of those favourites so the chance to play and create different, unusual flavours with Bubbleology- this was an opportunity I could not say no to. 

Bubbleology is a staple for the bubble tea world in London and it's finally make it's way up North to Leeds City Centre. Located in Trinity (where else? It's the best for city centre shopping) it offers a verity of cold and hot teas that feature tapioca balls which you suck through a big fat straws. A snack and a drink in one. If you do not like tapioca (I am not their biggest fan) then you can choose flavour boba, which pops in your mouth. 

The blogger event was held at Cafe 164, which is a beautiful location attached to an even more gorgeous art gallery at Munro House. They are currently showing a Behind the Mask exhibition, which features portraits of some famous and infamous faces. Perfect location to have the event; tea and culture. 

You can choose between 12 milk teas and 10 fruit teas, combining up to three different flavours in one drink- my favourite was white peach, raspberry and green apple with raspberry boba. Bubble tea is perfect for summer- fruity, interesting and refreshing. Great for grabbing on your lunch break or a city sunbathing with your friends.

I was lucky enough to gain a few free bubble tea tokens, so look out for more bubble tea combinations on my Instagram account. I also have a token spare that I will be including in a lifestyle giveaway that you will have to keep an eye out for! 

Have you tried bubble tea? What do you think of it? 


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