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20 July 2015

A Guide to Graduation, From a Graduate

Da! Di de da da daaaaa!!!! It's that time of year again!! The beginning of graduation ceremonies!!

I cannot believe that I graduated in 2012!! Time flies so quickly!! Graduation was such a great time for me, but I am not going to lie, if I could re do my style on that day, I would change it up a bit (what was I thinking with a red dress when my university's colours are yellow and blue?!?) ]

Still it was a proud moment for me and I know for anyone who is graduating in the upcoming months is looking forward to this with such excitement. 

There are a few things that you are not told about graduation and the wrong faux par and that it is. Seeing this is one of the last time your uni peers may see you, you will want to make sure that it is perfect. So as someone who has been there, done that and got the embarrassing photo (still hanging in my parent's livingroom) here are a few hints and tips for the perfect day. 

1. Know the Location 
One thing before even considering an outfit is to know the location of where your ceremony is going to be. Most are held in a hall or somewhere on the university grounds. Mine was in our city's cathedral. A midi length dress, perfect for the religious setting. That mini dress that one girl wore, not appropriate!! You may learn that your ceremony will come with a dress code- for gods sake, stick to it. If you are free to dress however you want, I would recommend a nice summery dress. Make sure you don't clash with your colours of your gown hood, and your all set to go! 

2. Choose Footwear Wisely
You may be sitting for the majority of the ceremony (seriously, not that  fun until it's your turn to walk on stage) but depending on how you need to get up on stage, your shoes will be important. At my ceremony we have a mixture of stairs and a ramp, talk about a logistical nightmare!! Best choices are either a wedge or a a mid high heel is perfect. 

3. Keep Makeup Classic
I will never forget my mum's disappointment when she realised I had painted my nails dark blue the night before. And they were chipped. I seriously had no idea how serious the ceremony was seeing as no one else in my family had ever done it! Now looking back I would have gone with a nice nude nail. Thank god, as I was not into makeup that much, that my makeup was fairly neutral. Go crazy if you want, but seeing as these photos will be like pictures of your wedding day, you might want to keep it classic so the photo's always look good as the years go by. 

4. Keep Safety Pins and Hair Grips to Hand
Unless you either come prepared or are wearing a top with buttons, your gown hood will be worn as a superman cape high around your neck. There is a little hook that can go around the buttons if you are wearing a shirt. For girls wanting to wear a dress, a safety pin is your best friend; clip just above your boobs and you are good to go. Hair grips are perfect for keeping your cap in place, push in at the back of your head where no one can see them and it will stay perfectly put together all day long.

5. Prepare for Hat Hair
The major issue I suffered with was what the hell to do with my fringe. Where the cap falls, you cannot wear your fringe normally without looking like No Name Adams, so in the end I had to push my fringe to the sides and try and blend it into my normal hair. You will have to wear you hair down so go either straight or a slight curl at the ends. Your hair will also come out as a birds nest once the cap comes off at the end, so make sure you mum packs you a brush once the ceremony is over!

6. Enjoy Yourself!
Hell, this day is all about celebrating you and the hard work you have put in these last 3/ 4 years. Enjoy this with all your uni friends and get as many #graduates selfies as you can.

On that throwback, if I could do it again, here are the outfits I would purchase now to wear to my graduation....


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