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19 June 2015

Turkish Poached Eggs

Get your shopping list ready, because you are going to need these ingredients to make this amazing Sunday Brunch dish; one of the best ones I have ever had....

I am so glad that L brought this new cookbook- A Modern Way to Eat by Anna Jones. It's full of amazing vegetarian recipe's that look amazing and taste even better. Everyone knows that I love a good egg dish, so poached eggs mixed with Greek yoghurt was an odd but interesting enough to intrigue find out what this dish is all about. This dish calls for fried eggs but I am not the biggest fan of them, but you can do your eggs however you love them.

(Serves One)
- 2 TBS Greek Yoghurt
- A good pinch of salt
-  2 Eggs
- 2 Pittas or flatbreads
- 1 TSP Turkish chili flakes 

- Boil some water and poach your eggs how you like them- I cook mine for 2 1/2 minutes. If you are frying them, do this with some olive spread in a non stick frying pan. While this is happening toast your flatbread/ pitta for a few minutes.

- Once toasted, add two tablespoons of greek yoghurt on top of the pitta/ flatbread. Add the eggs and sprinkle over the chili flakes and season with a pinch of salt. Eat and enjoy!

It's such an easy recipe you have no excuse not to try it out for this weekend! It's simple but looks impressive- would definitely impress any partner who you might want to make a delicious breakfast in bed for. 

Let me know if you decide to give this recipe a go by tagging me in your photo. I wanna try a hashtag too- so add the following #ChampangeSunday if you do make this recipe or any other breakfast's from the recipe section on the blog!


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