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8 June 2015

Live And Eat Pie!

Are you ready to be well and truly stuffed with pie talk....?

One of the most embarrassing moments of my life happened a few weeks ago, when I just squealed out loud in the middle of the street. Strangers could not understand my excitement; had they only looked in the direction I was looking they would have understood why.

Pieminsiter has arrived in Leeds! Leeds has well and truly stepped up their A game when it comes to street/ hipster dining, and lets face it you are never going to go wring with a pie shop up North!

These are not just pie (not to sound like an M&S ad) gourmet pies are on offer, along with special sides that you would normally not associate pairing with a pie (mac and cheese with pie? Sounds so wrong and yet so, so right!!) The Amy's and I arrived and were advised it would be a about a 15 minute wait for a table, and were invited to the bar upstairs while we waited. Not one to turn down a cheeky drink, we headed up the stairs......

Guys, apologies if you were expecting lots of photos of the different cocktails we ordered; there was a strict ban from the girls not to photograph their food and drink (something about wanting to enjoy their night or some other lame excuse along that line. Personally I think they wanted to soak up as much time they could with moi!)

The cocktails are seriously good price, £5.00 before 7PM and after 10PM. There is not a lot of choice compared to the other cocktail bars Leeds have to offer, but they are not bad for the price they offer. I went with a SOHO Sour, if you are into whisky like me you will love this!! 

We were taken downstairs to our own booth and took forever to order!! There was so much on offer, but eventually we chose, coordinating sides so we could have a taste of something. Don't bother with trying to think of some small talk to discuss while you wait for your food to come; it was literally something crazy like five minuites!

What you are looking at here is the Heidi pie, goats cheese, spinach, sweet potato and red onion. Utterly amazing. This is my final treat before I go down the healthy lifestyle route (and will stick to once and for all!) so I was waiting to get stuck into this and just enjoy it!!

We ordered three sides, pieminister slaw, sweet potato fries and courgette fries. I am seriously in love with courgette fries!! They are so moist and combine with the crunch, its very different from anything I have tried before. 

Along with food their was serious pie talk happening. It's amazing how we as people eat our pies differently. Amie beheads her pie, eats it, leaving the top to indulge in at the end. Amy eats it like a 'normal' person (i.e. just pour the gravy over and get stuck in). I like to carve my way in, eat the middle and leave the crust to enjoy at the end. Which camp do you belong in?

I love Amie's photography skills! Thank you for grabbing the camera and taking a few snaps for me!

As this was in my mind 'the last meal' before I go super healthy, I had to go all out! And you can't get any better than the Bristolbocker Glory. Ice cream, brownie pieces and just sweet goodness, best ice cream sunday I have had in a while. 

I feel like all three of us were dreading the bill slightly, so imagine our surprise when the bill came to us splitting the bill £15.00 each way! Our cocktails were paid for separately, so you are looking for main, sweet treat and a cocktail for £20.00 in total; which is very unheard of in Leeds for the quality of food. This place is somewhere where I wouldn't go to all the time (I would turn into a pie if I did!) but it's somewhere where I would take friends and family who haven't been before and wanted comfort food. 

If you are in the Leeds area, you have to check them out! They are located on Duncan Street, near Reds and almost opposite Call Lane. 

What do you think of Pieminister?


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