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16 June 2015

Leodis Forum The Business Of Fashion Event*

Last Thursday, I had the privilege of being invited to a industry event, where I was given insight knowledge into the fashion industry and meet some of the people who are making waves not just in Leeds, but around the world....

Leodis Lager have recently started hosting Forums across Leeds. A different subject each time, the idea is to bring industry specialist/ insiders together with people who are interested in these areas to discuss and ask as many questions they like. 

This month's was The Business of Fashion, and I was lucky enough to be asked if I wanted a press pass to come along to the event. Already planning to come along and check it out- I jumped at the chance to take myself back to my university days of networking and meeting industry insiders to discover exactly what I wanted to do once I graduated. 

Hosted at Lamberts Yard (such a beautiful space!) the speakers range from designers, PR, Magazines, Buyers and one of the most inspiring Lecturers I have ever met! Seriously, I am gutted I never had him as one of my teachers! The speakers included: 

Adam Jagger: Buying and Retail Consultant Lamberts Yard
Bo Carter: Ethical Fashion Designer
Sharon Brigden: Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle PR
Hannah Beaumont- Laurencia: Owner of Beaumont Organic
Rachel Hobbs: Director of Bridge and Stitch
Paul Luke: Senior Lecturer of Fashion BA at The Leeds College of Art
Laura Bartlett: Editor and Publisher of House of Coco Magazine
Fez Mazhar: Founder of Humble Kind Clothing
Tom Chadwick: Founder of Tomato Clothing
Grace Wood: Marketing Manager
Brita Hirsch: Tailor

The event was so successful, I was lucky enough to start chatting to Laura Bartlett, who's magazine House of Coco is so pretty and sells in all the major stores in London (did someone mention Liberty's and Harrods?) What was great about the event was everyone who spoke is based in Leeds, and very much highlighted how much great talent Leeds have! It was really inspiring that you don't have to be based in London or any other 'major' city to be known around the world and make a name for yourself in this industry. 

Tickets to the event are about £4.00 and the subject changes every time, so keep your eyes peeled on Eventbrite for more details! 

Thank you again to Stephen and Leodis Lager for the invite to the night!


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