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30 June 2015

It's Been A While...

I feel the need to explain the lack of posts lately....

So I have not been posting as regularly as I would like to be. Again, like many times when I fail to blog every working week day- life caught up with me and go incredibly busy. But, I have realised how much I miss blogging regularly and I am going to sort it out this weekend coming up and get back on track (the one goal I set myself I WILL stick to....)

So what has been happening whilst I have been away from the digital world? Well at my full time job I have been running two teams in the office which has doubled the work load and doubled the level of panic that I feel at just ensuring I am always doing a good job. But I am back now to just my own little team- which means I am a little more relax and back in my comfort zone. I am happy I had the opportunity to experience additional responsibility, I am certainly prepared should anymore additional work was passed my way. 

Second on that is that I have a new writing outlet! I met the lovely Laura Bartlett at the Leodis Fashion Forum Event I went to the other week. She is the Editor in Chief of a lovely magazine called House of Coco and I have the pleasure now of being the Magazines Leeds Lifestyle Writer!! I absolutely miss writing for a publication (I was the Editor of the Style section of my university's magazine back when I was studying) and it's a great opportunity to explore my city more and build up my portfolio. 

Holiday planning is in full swing, we have travel down to a T and all that is left is spending money (who knew the euro was sooooo good right now! Hello Sephora!!) and travel insurance. We are staying in Barcelona and I need your suggestions!! Places to visit, places to eat, places to see and places to enjoy the sun!! Please, please, PLEASE leave you comments with your suggestions- my boyfriend and I will be ever grateful!! 

Well, that is me in a nut shell right now. My mum is down for the day this weekend, so I am going to have some fun chilling with one of my best friends (yes mum, you are one of my best friends) and looking forward to the heat wave that is coming our way this week. 

I promise more posts this week and more regularity after the weekend. But thank you guys for sticking around and to continue to read my little blog! 

You guys are awesome!!


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