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15 June 2015

Holiday Hair Ready

The countdown to summer has started and we need to start stocking up on the essentials now to be holiday ready in time....

My hair has started to hate the constant change in weather that is currently happening in England. British weather is no friend to beauty; hot one minute, cold and rainy another. I just wish June would make up its mine so that we can plan our outfits and looks perfectly and get on with the day!

Rant over, my hair has been more temperamental than ever these past few weeks. Sure it needs a good hair cut, but I need to wait another month in order for it to be in perfect condition for my holiday (80 days, but who's counting...) It's just frizzy and feels woolly the only words to best describe it. 

Enter my favorite hair product of the moment, Garnier Ultimate Blends, in particular The Nourishing Repair Collection. Advertise as blended for Britain, the nourishing repair collection is made especially for damaged hair to bring right back up for scratch. Made with avocado oil and sheer butter, it seals in moisture and conditions to ensure healthy hair is restored and feeling new again. I cannot get enough of it, though I would not prescribe to use it every day (it becomes far too soft and and you can't style it if you use it too much) it is definitely my favorite product to use on Sunday Hair to give it a little TLC, ready for a new week ahead. 

Have you tried the Garnier Ultimate Blends collection? What do you think of it? 


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