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5 June 2015


Blogging is on of the things I don't regret ever doing. I have met so many lovely people through, every now and again I get given some freebies to try out (it's like receiving a present every month!) I have learnt more about computers and coding than my school could have ever taught me and I get to read some of the nicest comments from you guys that I never dreamed I would receive.

There are however, some downsides to blogging....
Welcome to my post entitled #BloggerProblems. Sure, what you see on this blog is beautifully arranged photos of amazing products I am trying out, places I have visited and food I have tasted and adored. But there is a darker side to blogging no one ever mentions, and why would we? Our lives are so 'perfect' on our blogs, we could never reveal a side of it that was not! 

I encourage everyone to give blogging a go, if not for the creative freedom it gives you, but before I do, I feel it is my duty to explain a side of blogging that you may not be aware, so you as a reader/ newbie blogger have the full picture before you go jumping in...

1. Your Food is Always Lukewarm
Gone are the days of having hot meals, oh no. You have no idea how long it takes to get the perfect shot of the food, the plate, the condiments! That's why so many bloggers order salads! Expect also to annoy your dining companion (my poor boyfriend) who is not even allow to take a nibble of the food they have order until you have the perfect shot, at JUST the right angle. Restaurants also do know appreciate the phrase 'can you make sure it is extra hot so I can get the best shot of it?!'

2. You Can No Longer Travel Cheaply
I am quite a high- maintenance traveler already, but even now and then I do not mind bunging down in some cheap hotel for a night or to. Not anymore, when you blog is essentially posts about your life, every aspect of it has to be beautiful and dream like. No word of a lie, but when L and I were booking our holiday to Barcelona this year and arguing about getting a cheap hotel (his argument, not mine) I actually yelled at him with 'you don't understand!! It needs to be Instagramable!!! It wont look good on the bllllooooggggg!!!!' Sorry dingy carpets, and rooms with crappy showers, from now on it is crisp white sheets and marble bathroom floors...

3. Non- Blogging Friends Will Never Understand Your Life
My friends are my BAE's and whilst I hope deep down, they are supportive of what I do, I get the feeling they don't always understand what it is I do and why I do it. Take for example my #JOMO post, whilst my friends enjoyed coming over for laughs, good food and to chill; some of them didn't quite get why we were doing it. They also do not understand why you throw such a strop when you go to a new amazing restaurant and you have completely forgotten your camera/ battery dies halfway through the evening. And whilst I am respectful that they do not always want their photograph being taken, I have to do it sometimes against their will; otherwise it looks like I am completely on my own sometimes. Same goes for family. You will however, never be short of volunteers for your plus one when you get invited to an amazing event with free bar....

4. Your Long Suffering Boyfriend Will Come to Hate Brick Walls
Or anywhere that 'is just perfect!!!' for a outfit post. Cue the camera being shoved into his hands and barking orders about the best angles and getting the casual- walking- across- the- road shot JUST right!! My boyfriend even studied a photography degree, and even then he tenses up when ever I talk about doing a fashion post. The trick to this is to feed him lots of snacks and ensure that photo credit is not given where needed (he seriously would murder me if I tagged him as the photographer in posts.)

5. Your New Makeup Purchases Can Never Be Touched Until You Have Time to Photograph Them 
I have a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick that I didn't touch for 3 weeks because I was too busy in my real life to take a photograph of it for the blog. Poor lipstick it was designed to be worn and look fabulous in selfies, not to be store away not seeing the life of day until you are next available. 

6. You Are Constantly Rearranging Your House
And then putting it all back together again once you are finished. You spend hours arranging the perfect background for a 6 minute video and myself personally, I have a white TV unit that I use to take my products on when I want a clean background; which means removing the TV, candles and other nick- nacks, only to put back together like Humpty Dumpty a few moments later....

I hope you enjoyed this parody post- sometimes it's fun to have a giggle on the blog. Be sure to share your blogging crisis, using the hashtag #BloggerProblems.


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