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2 June 2015

Asparagus And Camembert Tart

I have another puff pastry tart recipe for you guys! (previous one can be found here) This one is perfect for the summer, eaten out on a balcony or in a romantic English garden....

These types of tarts when made with pre- made pastry are just too simple to resist giving it a go (you could make your own pastry, but sometimes it is not even worth the time...) Whilst some ingredients are not the healthiest for you, everyone needs a treat every now and then (plus, who can resist Camembert?!?) 

(Serves Four)
- One Box of Jus- Rol Puff Pastry Sheet
- 100g Asparagus'
- One Small Tub of Creme Fraiche
- 5 Slices of Parma Ham, Torn Up
- 225g Camembert Cheese
- 2 Cloves of Garlic 

- Pre heat the oven to 200 C. Cut the garlic cloves up and unroll the puff pastry sheet. Spread the Creme Fraiche across the sheet, leaving a thick boarder. 

- Sprinkle the chopped garlic. Cut the ends off the Asparagus and arrange on the sheet, in what ever format you would like (I like angles.)

- Sprinkle the Parma Ham on top. Cut the rind off the Camembert and then chop the cheese into cubes. Again, sprinkle these onto the tart and cook for 18- 20 minutes. Serve with a simple potato salad/ salad of your choice. 

The recipe allows for the tart to be left in the fridge, covered, for one or two days, so you can always divide the leftovers for lunch the next day. I had my lovely taste tester Amy to come over and try it and she loved it- so I got high reviews! Let me know if you try this out at all for yourself, I would love to see your creations on Twitter or Instagram


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