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5 May 2015


Today's post is part two of my #perfectporridge challenge. My (not so) secret mission, to make porridge less boring and kick start breakfast's again- thanks to Flahavan's

I have been using my gorgeous Irish Jumbo Organic Oats, which were sent over by Flahavan's for me to try. They are so yummy and they are the perfect kick off to the morning. As mentioned in my previous post, they are also available from Tesco, Waitrose, Sainsburys and Ocado. 

For my first #perfectporridge post, I went with a quick and easy recipe. This time I decided to venture out of the box and try something a little bit more interesting and different. 

This one is very easy to make. 

- 2/3 Cup of Flahavan's Jumbo Oats
- 2/3 Cup of soy milk
- 2/3 Cup of boiling water
- 1/4 Cup of crushed pistachios
- 1/4 Cup unsweetened shredded coconut
- 2 tbsp Chia Seeds
- 2 tbsp Agave syrup 
- As mention in my previous recipe, place the oats into a saucepan with the boiling water, stir together and then let it sit with a lid on for 10 minutes (off heat). 

- Once the oats have soaked and are nice and soft, place the pan onto the hob and heat up with the soy milk for 3- 4 minutes stirring often. 

- Whilst cooking, crush your pistachios in a mini chopper ready to serve. 

- Once the oats are cooked, serve in your favorite bowl; stirring in the Chia seeds. Add the Agave syrup so it is mixed in nicely. 

- Add the pistachios and the shredded coconut and serve, Instagram and enjoy! 

I hope you are enjoying my #perfectporridge as much as I am. I am cooking up a storm in my brain in regards to my third and final recipe. I am also dying to see your gorgeous porridge creations- please show them using the hashtag #perfectporridge so that I can source them out. Let's get inspiring each other!! 

What's your morning porridge fix?


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