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13 May 2015

My £200 Lip Collection...

Do you ever have those days when you starting at your online bank account, looking at your current balance and wondering 'where the hell does all my money go?!?' Well I only have to take a glance to my left and look at my makeup collection to realise why... 

I hate to admit this but my lip collection costs over £200!! How on earth does this happen?!? How did I never realise this happened?!? As tragic as it sounds I think pretty much any girl obsessed with makeup is in the same situation as me- whether it be lipstick, blusher, foundation or nails. 

I have never been much of a makeup person, I only started wearing foundation at the age of 21. But the more I explore the more I fall in love with the creativity it can provide. I love lip colour, I am too lazy to do it all the time (retouching is a nightmare at work) but I would do a bold lip all the time if I could do. I started off with the high street brands and eventually ventured out to more expensive brands. Which is most likely where the collection entered into the treble figures. For blogging purposes, here is a break down of exactly HOW MUCH my collection costs....

Total: £272.63

Holy Cow. That's a lot of pennies! That's it I am not going to purchase another lipstick again for a very long time. Promise!

Wait. What's that? Velvet Teddy is back in at my local Mac counter?!? That will make the new total to £288.13....

How big is your lipstick collection? 


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