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27 May 2015

JOMO Night In with Ladbrokes Bingo*

In the social media world we live in, FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is now a recognise social angst. Chances are if you are checking social media for what your friends (or even strangers) are up to more than checking in with your family, you might have a slight case of FOMO. But don't worry, there is a cure for this which I found out thanks to Ladbrokes Bingo...

I received an email in the form of a challenge, to use the money I would on a night out and see what I could do to hows the perfect night in, and find joy in missing out. 

Research has found that the average Brit spends £8.41 on transport, £14.52 on food, £21.23 on drinks and £12.84 on clothes for the average night out. I don't know about anyone else, but this is about right for myself and when I think about it £40.00 on an average night out means I can only really do this once a month. And, purely because I am a girl, a new outfit purchased every month (which won't be repeated twice) just doesn't make sense to me- though I must admit, it's never stopped me!

I was provided £45.00 in vouchers to come up with the ultimate night in and see how far I could take the money. There is one thing that gets my friends together, good drinks, good chat and good food. My choice of a night in was simple; themed dinner party. And just look at how much food I got for the money...

So many fresh ingredients. My mission was simple- to create an antipasti menu from scratch. Turns out, I am not that bad at making Italian food. Where I suck though- making meringues. I truly hoped I could become a fellow Meringue Girls and discover the inner baker inside me but in reality, I suck at making meringues. Do you know how many times I attempted to make them? Seven times. Do you know how long it took me to hand whisk egg whites? Seasons 1- 3.5 of Gossip Girl. It's fair to say, I wont be trying that again anytime soon....

From kitchen....

.... to coffee table!

No Italian dinner party is complete without a meat board, black olives to snack on and tomato and mozzarella salad.

For drinks, I asked the guys to bring a selection of bubbly to sample throughout the evening. I oh course have to offer sparkling water, but I also went with chilled tap water on hand and mint infused water (if you have not tried it before you must! It's so refreshing!)

The menu on offer tonight was the following:
- Sourdough bread with balsamic oil dip
- Meat board
- Tomato and mozzarella salad
- White and green bean salad
- Classic bruschetta
- Mushroom bruschetta
- Courgetti with red pesto, pancetta and broccoli
- Macaroni and chickpea cheesy pasta
- Classic tagliatelle with meatballs and tomato sauce

If I must toot my own horn, I feel I didn't do too badly at all! I was rather impressed with myself.

We gathered our food and sat around the coffee table, chatting away and having a giggle at the Eurovision acts that were showing- agreeing with Graham Norton's commentary. What did we really think of United Kingdom's act?

As the meringues failed for dessert (one day!) I had a back in the form of a classic Tiramisu and ice lollys from the local 24 hour supermarket. After all, it was a particularly warm day! I also introduced the guys to the beloved card game Cards Against Humanity, which we have now deduced this will be our new drinking game, prior to a night out. Overall, we all agreed a JOMO night in is worth it every now and again; we even tossed around the idea of putting in £10.00 each next time and hosting something similar soon!

I would like to take the time to thank Ladbrokes Bingo for helping me host the perfect night in and I would like to challenge you my readers to take on the JOMO challenge. Tell me (or better yet) show me what you would do with the money you would spend on a night out, to host the perfect night in. Don't forget to tag me on Instagram and Twitter with your pictures, using the hashtag #JOMOChallange.

DISCLOSURE: This post was written as part of the Ladbrokes Bingo JOMO Challenge. Please see disclaimer for more information.

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