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11 May 2015

Green Tea For Your Skin?

Everyone knows that green tea is good for your body, but who knew you could apply it straight to your skin!!

I was in search of a new body scrub (got to start working on that beach body now!) and I came across The Body Shop's new Fuji Green Tea range. Oh course I had seen this pop up across some beauty bloggers sites, but no the scrub. It smelt interesting, fantastic actually! I usually go for the coconut scrub as it's meant to be good for dry, dry skin; however I found this product more moisturising and nutritious for my body.

It's a fine scrub (perfect for sensitive skin) that packs a punch, meaning that it will help to remove the dead skin unlike other gentle scrubs that feel like they do nothing at all. I found the best results were to apply the product onto dry skin using The Body Shop Bath Gloves, they really help to recharge your skin!

I am also obsessed with The Body Shop Bath Tea. I haven't purchased it yet but it looks amazing for your bath!! If you have purchased it, let me know- I would love to know what it is like! 

Have you tried the green tea scrub? What do you think of it? 

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