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7 May 2015

Double Denim Entendre

One of the perks of being British is we get the occasional Bank Holiday off. Since summer is around the corner, we have quite a few coming up one after another....

Last Monday's Bank Holiday weather was particularly nice. I decided to try out the double denim look, I have seen it around on lots of street style photos/ blogs and I really wanted to try the blue denim look but unfortunately I did not have any jeans that would go well with this shirt (we want to avoid the Britney Spears/ Justin Timberlake look...) I also gave up with my hair this day, I didn't wanna spend the morning washing it but it was refusing to go into a bun- so I went with my usual ponytail look. I actually like the double denim look, I definetly want to try it out more often with different pieces. What do you think of it?

Bag: Celine 


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