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5 April 2015

Sunday Update #004

I have been a bad blogger these past few weeks. I promised you in my bucket list that I was going to start a Sunday post (along with a video every other week that has sooo not happened!!!) and it has been ages since I last updated you on my life....

However I am back and I am keen to keep this tradition up! I like doing my Sunday posts to keep you updated on what is going in my life and bring something more personal to the blog. So, lets leave this waffle and get on with the updates! 

#1 I have made some purchases for new additions for the home, as you may have seen on my Instagram feed. Firstly is this AMAZING copper letter from Oliver Bonas, how cute is it?!? I love it and it was so cheap!!! The other purchase was our new Breville Blend- Active Juicer- which we got from Morrison for £19.99!! Unfortunately I cannot find it on their website, however here is a good deal for one on Amazon (where else?) I have been experimenting with lots of different juices and I cannot wait to do a post on them! :) 

#2 Happy Easter Everyone! Today (if you are reading this on Sunday) is Easter Sunday and the start I believe to the countdown for summer. Whilst I am not religious, I like this time for being with family and just hanging out together and chilling. L and I are staying in Leeds for the weekend but we are having a roast dinner for the first time in ages! I have a lovely recipe for this that will definetly be going on the blog sometime next week. 

#3 L and I are finally getting around to booking a holiday! Whilst nothing is set in stone yet, we know where we are going and when we are going- we just have to actually book it! That hasn't stop me planning the wardrobe and purchasing some items in advance. It also means I have been amp-ping up the workouts and eat a lot healthier as I want to feel comfortable during the summer and oh course look amazing! My most recent purchase is this gorgeous dress from Topshop- it's the perfect getaway outfit and I have an amazing outfit post planned for it. 

That's it really guys! I haven't got much to add really. Hopefully these will be much more frequent as they push me to do things in order to have things to write about! 

Happy Easter weekend everyone! 


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