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7 April 2015

Spring One Pot Roast

One of the best meals to come out of the UK is a classic Sunday Roast (I have wondered, does any other country have this tradition?). Sadly, L and I cannot have a roast every Sunday as A. there is only two of us and that's far too much chicken to have every week and B. roast's require A LOT of cleaning up at the end of day. If you are going to have a roast you have to do all the trimmings; this includes the gravy, the Yorkshire puddings and the veggies. 

Sadly this requires a lot of effort which I don't have the energy for. However this Easter I had a hankering for a Sunday roast so I had to devise a cheap and easy way of making one. Thank god I cracked it....

Doesn't Patrick look delicious?!? (Yes, I named the chicken.) The great thing I love about this dish is that it is super cheap as you are using veggies that are in season, but also because it is done in one pan- less cleaning up and more flavour! 

This recipe is going to be slightly different than my usual layouts, as I am not going to give you steps, simply because the cooking times depend on your chicken and how long it needs to cook for (better safe than sorry!) Mine took one hour and 30 minutes, so incredibly speedy- but most packets on the chicken will tell you how long it needs to cook for. In case yours doesn't, a chicken needs 20 minutes per lb plus 10- 20 minutes extra to finish off. It is also worth cooking your chicken at 190°C/ gas mark 5/  375°F. 

If you are still confused at this point, just call you mum- she will know the answer (they always do!) 

(Serves Two)

- 1 Chicken
- 3 Onions
- 3 Carrots
- 2 potatoes
- 1 Leek
- A Couple Spoonfuls of Olive Spread/ Butter
- Dried Thyme
- A Glug of Balsamic Vinegar
- 2 Garlic Cloves

- Pre- heat the oven to 190°C (or whatever your oven works best at) 
- Cut your vegetables up and place into separate bowls (this saves time, space, peace of mind and is super organised for later on) 
- In a bowl or pestle and mortar, mix you chopped garlic cloves, balsamic vinegar, dried thyme and olive spread/ butter to create a paste for your chicken. 
- Rub the mixture into you chicken to cover the top of it. Sprinkle extra thyme if needed/ salt and pepper. 
- Cut your onions into half, peel and place on your roasting tray in a line, in pairs. 
- Rest your chicken on top of the onions. Add some warm water into the bottom of the tray (helps to steam the chicken and keep it moist). Place into the oven. 

This is where I go off track from the normal layout. Depending on how long you your chicken needs depends when you add in the rest of the vegetables. This is why I told you to keep your veggies in separate bowls so it's just simple to chuck in as and when you need. 

The best way to do this is to set a timer for how long your chicken needs, make a note of the time for how long the veggies need and set yourself reminders for when you need to add them. For the vegetables I used, they required the following times: 

- Potatoes= 45 minutes 
- Carrots= 20 minutes
- Leeks= 10 minutes.

So with my chicken requiring one hour and 30 minutes, So with 45 minutes to go I scattered in the potatoes, 20 minutes to go I added in the carrots and then with 10 minutes to go I finished off with the leeks. 

Remember to keep adding a little bit of water each time you open the door, this will keep the chicken steamed and moist- as well as mix with the juices of the chicken and allow you to create so meaty, delicious gravy. And this is the only pot you need to clean along with the plates. Far too easy for you not to try it! 

Tell me if you are going to give this a go and what you thought of it!


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