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10 April 2015

Painting In Time With Yoko Ono

As a former art student, I crave galleries. They as such a calming atmosphere, just wondering around a sulking up the culture. So when the Brunch Club mentioned about heading to The Tetley Gallery that featured a piece by Yoko Ono, I just had to go....

Lead the way Brunch Club!

The gallery is inside The Tetley which was the building for the beer's HQ. Now it is a contemporary space for creativity and knowledge. The mixture of old and new is just striking. 

The exhibition we went to see was Painting In Time, exploring the relationship between time and contemporary painting. There are many artist featured within the exhibition, and trust me when I say that my pictures do not do this exhibition justice! 

 This amazing piece is by artist Claire Ashley. Painted on canvas tarpaulin, the piece takes 30 minutes to be fully inflated. It's a beautiful piece that changes and manipulates as it moves. It's worth taking the time to watch.

These lovely pieces of work by Kate Hopkins are interactive. Some of the paintings are hinged so you can pull the painting out or lay it flat, it depends on your mood and how you want to view. 

And this the piece created by Yoko Ono. A Do- It- Yourself painting/ piece of art, you are instructed to take a nail and use the hammer to place the nail in your desire location on the object. Our object was an old fashion toilet, and boy did we have fun taking part!

I helped Yoko Ono with her art piece!! I am part of history!

Who are you looking at guys! 

The gallery is free for all to come and visit. There is also a cafe and a bar (?!) so you can soak up the atmosphere with some light refreshments! You guys you should come and see this exhibition if you are based here in Leeds, it's so interesting and great cultural way to spend a few hours. 


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