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30 April 2015

A Weekend In The Country

This weekend I was back home in the countryside. I say countryside, but compared to Leeds it's the most county I am going to get! This time we were in South Kyme, full of forest's, farmland's and complete isolation. Total bliss.....

I spent the weekend with L's sister, her husband and the Same Day Siblings (they are twin boys, but we are encouraging the world to recognise them as individuals) Rhys and Finn. Now there are a few fun facts I learnt about spending the weekend with a couple of two year old's:

1. Two year old's do not respect the sacred Sunday rule of before 10 am (aka NOTHING is meant to happen before 10am!) They simply do not care. When they are up, you are up too, especially if you room has a connecting door... 
2.That said, listening to a conversation between two toddlers when they think no one is listening is one of the most heart warming moments you will ever have to listen to. Their jibber jabber was just the sweetest! 
3. The best way to prevent teenage pregnancy is showing them the horrors of having to teach your children to brush their teeth. I was trapped in the hell hole of tears, tantrums and minty freshness; it was not pretty. 
4. Nothing will be more exciting to two year old boys than the sound of Fireman Sam's fire station alarm going off. I can only describe the excitement the same as pre- teen girls meeting members of One Direction. 

So thanks to my new alarm clocks, I was up, dressed and having breakfast at 7.30 am on a Sunday. Seeing as England has been having such lovely weather these past couple of days, it was unfair that on this particular day off the weather had turn and those still light outside, it was slightly on the chilly side. This did not stop the SDS's wanting to put on their wellies and have so good old fun in their own sand pit...

Chaos is the name of our home away from home for the weekend and Choas is it's game. The home belongs to Roy and Melissa (L's sister's husbands parents) and it's one of the most charming places I have ever been to. It's beautifully quirky and interesting and I can only imagine what the place is like through a child's eyes! 

Let me introduce you to the first of the munchkins, Finn. Such a cutie pie and such a sweetie! 

Oh course being up this early, I called for a cup of tea!! And snack time, another fun fact that I learnt; kids will eat whatever and whenever. I am so impressed this these little boys, their food range of what they will munch on is amazing- I have never seen a two year old love pistachios! 

Now let me introduce you to munchkin number two- Rhys. A leftie like me, he reminds me very much of my little sister; knows what he wants and isn't afraid to speak his mind! 

He was also my tour guide for our early morning wanders through the woods. Yes, the property has it's own woods! I had nothing like this when I was young (that's not true, I grew up on an Air Force Base and have some great adventures in my memories...) 

Oh course being English, not exploration is compete without a cup of tea. 

It's just so pretty! I love the countryside. 

How much does L suit the country life style? So handsome. 

After a big Sunday dinner (mmmmm roast chicken...) the weather got surprisingly better and warmer; we decided to go and feed the ducks. After all they deserved a treat! 

I also took one for the girls and to prove that girls and do anything the boys can do, I took one of the little ones on my shoulders. It was so much fun but kids weigh something another!! Boy my shoulders had a workout!! 

Look at those pouts!! 

I am so glad L and I took time off to visit, it was great spending time with family and just getting away from the city. Just a perfect relaxing weekend..


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