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30 April 2015

A Weekend In The Country

This weekend I was back home in the countryside. I say countryside, but compared to Leeds it's the most county I am going to get! This time we were in South Kyme, full of forest's, farmland's and complete isolation. Total bliss.....

28 April 2015

A Young Person's Guide To Voting In The General Election

Voting is a confusing thing for young voters. It is also very vital that young people do vote, as we the under 25's hold the majority of power in wasted votes that could be going towards having a say in our country....


24 April 2015

#PerfectPorridge With Flahavan's*

I have turned down a few opportunities to do sponsored post, but when somebody says 'would you like to do a few post for us and we will provide you with free breakfast?' Well you just cannot say no to that!!! 

23 April 2015

Wandering Down To Bundobust

So healthy plan took a slight detour this week. I tried my hardest; but when someone offers you a potato burger and deep fried popadoms, you really cannot say no...

21 April 2015

No- Carb Spag- Bol

I have taken the healthy kick into full spring. And whilst I am okay giving up the odd chocolate bar every now and then, I am not okay with giving up my comfort favorites. Thank god for courgetti, aka no- carb Spag- bol....

14 April 2015

Belgrave Pie & Cider Festival | Leeds

I have never been to a music festival. It's just not my thing. Unless I can stay at a hotel to sleep in (my idea of 'glamping' is a hotel without white sheets and no complimentary toiletries...) you will not be seeing me in a muddy field anytime soon!

The same cannot be the said for food festival's though....

10 April 2015

Painting In Time With Yoko Ono

As a former art student, I crave galleries. They as such a calming atmosphere, just wondering around a sulking up the culture. So when the Brunch Club mentioned about heading to The Tetley Gallery that featured a piece by Yoko Ono, I just had to go....

7 April 2015

Spring One Pot Roast

One of the best meals to come out of the UK is a classic Sunday Roast (I have wondered, does any other country have this tradition?). Sadly, L and I cannot have a roast every Sunday as A. there is only two of us and that's far too much chicken to have every week and B. roast's require A LOT of cleaning up at the end of day. If you are going to have a roast you have to do all the trimmings; this includes the gravy, the Yorkshire puddings and the veggies. 

Sadly this requires a lot of effort which I don't have the energy for. However this Easter I had a hankering for a Sunday roast so I had to devise a cheap and easy way of making one. Thank god I cracked it....

6 April 2015

Easter Sunday Brunch At Pintura | Leeds Trinity


Forget The Breakfast Club, there is a new cool club in town. We are The Brunch Club and it has become some sort of a ritual that we have brunch most Sunday's every month. The Brunch Club hadn't met up in a while, so we were thankful that a new brunch place had open up that we hadn't tried. Grabbing our stuff, we headed down to the place to get our mass ordering on...

5 April 2015

Sunday Update #004

I have been a bad blogger these past few weeks. I promised you in my bucket list that I was going to start a Sunday post (along with a video every other week that has sooo not happened!!!) and it has been ages since I last updated you on my life....

2 April 2015

Keira May Love Coco, But I love Edith

I don't think I have ever been more excited for a beauty launch ever in my life than I was for these bad boys. In fact, I was incredibly sad that I did not have enough funds to buy the entire collection, so my selection as to which lipstick to take home with me was hard....

1 April 2015

Broccoli And Avocado Salad

This is perhaps one of the simplest dishes I have ever made, but one of the most filling salads I have ever tried...

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