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26 March 2015

The Little Black Classics

They say The little Black dress is a classic timeless piece that will never go out of style. Well, I am thinking this will be the same for these little 'Black Classics'...

Penguin are know for the great pieces of literature they have published over the years. It is the most recognized publisher in the world and Penguin Classics are sold worldwide early every day. Penguin have recently released their 'Little Black Classics': 80 titles at 80p (bargain!) to celebrate 80 years of this mega book house. Each contains a short snippet of literature of some of our most loved authors of all time. 

There are some authors you know (Austen, Polo, Pole) and some you may have not (Homer- not Simpson, Hafez and Ruskin) but the idea behind these quite frankly adorable little books is to bring classic literature to the masses and make it more accessible. 

My dad always encouraged me to read and it was one of the best things he could have forced me to do. Whilst I may have never got through Animal Farm (I never understood why that bloody horse wanted to hold on to those ribbons so much! And before you start I studied Russian History at A Level and no- it still made no sense to me) I found vivid worlds to loose myself in. I went to France in a time they wanted reform, I have witness first hand the inner workings of the Chinese Dynasty and have lost myself in world of Runway Magazine. 

Reading is a joy that not many people can experience in this world, so if you have access it, you should use it to it's full potential. I hope you all take the opportunity to purchase some of these books and have a browse through them. My favourite is The Dhammapada and John Keats (The Eve of St. Agnes is such a good poem) trust me you will love them.

Have you purchased any of The Little Black Classic collection? What do yo think? 


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