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11 March 2015

The Best of Netflix

Ever since my boyfriend signed up for this monthly deal, we have both been addicted to Netflix. We have ever possible program we could think off available, and even some new ones that you wouldn't even think of watching....

TV can be a curse (those who become zombie like and never move off the sofa) and a great gift at the same time. It starts great conversation (oh my gosh- did you see last nights episode?!), debate (I would have not done that if I was in her shoes!) and can be a simple act of casual downtime  for you to enjoy on your own, friends and significant other. 

If you are new to Netflix (in which case where have you been?!) then here is my guide to some of my favorite shows that I hope you will enjoy watching:

WHO ON EARTH IS A?!? I have followed this show from the beginning and as I type this post, we are ONE episode away from finding out who A is. Whilst you may think this is a show for teenage girls, this program is one serious murder/ who do it mystery. Trust me, after a few episodes you will be hooked and singing the theme tune on repeat.

Another show that I am addicted to. If you are into American politics then this show is made for you. If you are into drama, sex, lying and deceitfulness then this show is made for you. There are some serious OMG, OMG, OMFG moments that will leave you on the edge of your seats (or in mine and L's case with one particular scene, frozen and scared to the core, hand full of popcorn midway to my mouth out of shock). Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright (Jennay!! Comment if you know what this means) are truly amazing and I think you will love it as much as I do too.

A true oldie but goodie!! Who doesn't love Blair and Serena (or wanna be them) and the life on the Upper East Side? From the fashion, the food, the scheming and the gossip, this show is one that you will want to have on on a lazy Sunday when you have not much else going on and want to loose yourself in another world.

I use to love Ally McBeal back in my teenage years and Suits is very much the same, but so much better! The cases are interesting, the story line is unique and how I just want to be Donna!! This again is another program that you want to loose yourself in their world, but it makes for great Thursday night TV (that day where it is just a lull and there really is nothing else to do).

This show just cracks me up! I am not really a fan of Family Guy and I don't get that type of humour. Archer touches on this type of humour but it is just really funny, like loose yourself in laughter funny! Danger Zone!!

Here is also a list of the shows I have unfortunately have not seen but will be making sure that I get around to this year:

- Orange is the New Black
- Homeland
- American Horror Story
- Bates Motel
- 24 (I need to finish this series!) 
- The Walking Dead
- Breaking Bad

If you have seen anything of these, please let me know what you think and which ones I should watch first- however NO SPOILERS!!! That would be mean. 


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