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15 March 2015

Mothering Sunday

It's Mothering Sunday here in England and unfortunately I cannot spend the day with my mummy as I would like to. It is not all sad though- I will certainly see here when I return home next month, arms full of presents for her and my sister (it's her birthday this month too). 

I love my mum so much. There was a time during the terrible teenage years that we didn't always see eye to eye; but she is the best mum anyone could ask for. Not only is she a great mum but she is also an amazing woman and as I have got older, I have been able to see her personality and best traits in a way that you would recognise them in a friend. My mum isn't curing Cancer, nor is she solving world peace; but she is still one of the best role models I have in this world, someone I look up to and admire in so many ways. Whilst I cannot give her a present physically today, I hope this post of all the qualities I most admire in my mum and wish/ hope I possess will make her smile and feel loved today. 

So let me break down exactly who Mummy Ransom is: 

She's the hardest worker I know
Even on this day, if I was back home right now, my mum would be doing her usual Sunday routine of washing clothes, making beds, tidying the house and cooking up a storm in the kitchen. During the week she will be putting in 40+ hours at her work, ensuring she has her list of things she needs to pick up mid- week. I come from a family home that was like a smooth working clock and my mum was the one of the people who made this happen. She has never really had anything handed to her, everything she has from her clothes, makeup, house, holiday's and car are all through hard work. It's the best lesson she has ever taught me, which is why I am such a perfectionist and determine person- because I know if I want something, I have to go and work hard in order to get it. 

She cares and loves her partner deeply
I am oh course talking about my dad here. I am incredibly lucky to have come from a home where my parents still love and care for each other as much as they do after 25 years of marriage. Whilst they might disagree on some things and I have seen many of argument between them both (I will never forget the day dad decided to paint the bathroom without consulting mum on the colour- the look she gave him...) they both show me what a partnership between two people needs to last: trust, respect, admiration, support and deep, undying love. It's these traits that work on the most with my relationship with my boyfriend; everything else does not matter if you have these. Let's hope my relationship lasts just as long as theirs. 

She knows her mind
My mum is a Leo and was born the Year of the Dragon. She is a fiery person and knows her own mind and opinion, and truly isn't afraid to show it. It is her stubbornness and confidence that I truly inherited from her (partly why we must argue the way we do when we do). She has never sugar- coated anything she says and I am grateful for that. It has build up a resilience inside of me whereby I can take criticism very well and when I am upset, I sulk for about 30 mins- 1 hour before I shrug it off and get on with life. When I broke up with my ex (a very long time a go and a very painful relationship) I knew I needed my mum in order for her to tell me the home truths I needed to pick myself up off the floor, get on with it and eventually get over it. 

She has a heart of pure gold 
My mum can sometimes come off as a tough cookie, but when you need her the most she will always be there for you when you need her the most. When I last had a panic attack (I will eventually touch on this later on in the blog) she was the only person I wanted the most to call. Some of my oldest memories as a child are of her tucking me into bed when I am sick and stroking my head until I fall asleep. You can always come to her with a problem (though if you are being silly, prepare for some home truths!) and she is the person I want to celebrate all my achievements with. When your someone my mum really cares for, she will do anything for you.

She is just the best
Enough said here- I don't have to explain this one. She really is the best. 

I hope you like this mum and oh yer, Happy Mother's Day!! x


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