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17 March 2015

Cocktails At Angelica

Last Tuesday the kind people at Ladbrookes invited me to a lovely event to celebrate the start of Cheltenham Races at a Bloggers Night. Amie and I got ourselves glamerous, went to Pintura Kitchen for some dinner (if you haven't heard about the place, you can read about it here) and set off the event. 

The email read Revolution Deansgate. Now baring in mind I am not from Leeds, And I new the Revolution at the bottom of town was on Call Lane, I assume that the top town Revolution was Deansgate.....

Did you know Deansgate is NOT in Leeds?

Evidently, my geography failed and we did not end up going to the event. However, not ones to go home with our tails between our legs, we headed back into the city centre (with my tail between my legs) in search of cocktails and desert. We headed to the one place we could think to end a glamorous night...

Angelica is situated on the sixth floor of Trinity Centre Leeds. A quaint cocktail bar, it is the ultimate place of glamour! Champagne is pilled up high across the walls, only the best champagne glasses (the ones Amie is dying to get for her birthday!) and panoramic views of the city. Well, I had to do something to make up for the night! 

Amie went for her go to signature drink- Strawberry Bellini, while I went for the Elderflower Vivant: Elderflower, Proscecco and soda- served over ice. Utterly delicious!!

Desert wise, we went for Seaside doughnuts (with vanilla sugar, chocolate sauce and whipped cream) while I went for a traditional classic- Crème brûlée (with white chocolate and orange). It is only the second time I have ever tried it, and boy is it tasty!

This place is perfect for lunch during a shopping trip, impressing a young lady you might be courting or wanting to say thank you to a love/ special person. A perfecting to an unusual night! 

Have you been to Angelica? What do you think?


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