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25 March 2015

Britain From Above

Ever wanted to know what Britain truly looks like? Then you need to head down to this exhibition....

Leeds is a constant host for new things and this street gallery is no exception. Britain Form The Air is a new type of art instillation; a unique perspective of some of the UK's most striking and thought- provoking landscapes. The exhibition is free to view and accessible 24 hours a day. It gives visitors the chance to see Britain from a different angle, one that not many have ever witnessed before.

But don't just take my word for it. For anyone who has not been to the UK and is maybe planning a trip (or for those who simply want to marvel at their country's beauty), lets take a little trip into the sky and see what Britain has to offer....

First you have Dartmoor and it's tors (©Adam Warren and Dae Sasitorn)

Sultan Pit Pony- how amazing is this?! (©Webb Aviation)

Some of Britain's most unusual relics (©Webb Aviation) Did you know these were used for pirate radio stations?

Lulworth Cove (©Adam Warren and Dae Sasitorn) where the famous John Keats wrote his poetry. 

Wast Water Screes, Britain's most famous scree slopes and their dramatic rise out of England's deepest lake (©Adam Warren and Dae Sasitorn)

An earily wonderful shot of the Tewkesbury Floods back in 2007 (©Johnathan Webb)

Forget Salmon fishing in Yemen, This is an incredible shot of a Salmon farm in The Shetland Islands (© Adrian Warren and Dae Sasitorn)

Beautiful Georgian architecture in all it's glory at The Circus in Bath (©Jason Hawkes)

Ever wanted to know what an English market town looked like? It's simply countryside perfect! (©Jason Hawkes)

One of my favorite places in the whole world, Hampton Court Palace. No wonder Henry VIII loved it so much. (© Ian Hay)

Another example of the beautiful English countryside (©Mike Page)

The Olympic Stadium, Queen Elizabeth Park- a great example of British pride (©Jason Hawkes)

Our beautiful Angel of the North (©Johnathan Webb)

Linseed Field (©Jason Hawkes)

A forest with my initials in it- should have known I was finally getting some form of recognition! This is actually Wye Valley, where British tourism began more than 250 years ago (Webb Aviation)

And finally Leeds!! (photographer unknown) P.S. my house is in this photograph, can you guess where it is?! (clue, you are getting warmer if you stick to the edges and corners...)

The lovely people at The Ordnance Survey also provided visitors with a 16 metre length map of the UK, to allow you to explore the precise location of eash large- scale image. Though somewhat a little dirty from all the visitors walking up and down the lengths of our beautiful isles; it was still a delight to explore. While many studied the areas where the photographs were taken and discuss, I decided to go on a long trek to a place that I have wanted to go to for a very long time... 

The place I was born oh course. I haven't been here since, well since I was born!

The exhibition has taken up an eight weeks residency from 12 March for all of it's residents and tourist to come and explore our beautiful country. What will you discover? 


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