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26 February 2015

Wardrobe Clean Out | 2015

Every girl has cleaned out their wardrobe once or twice in their life and is pretty familiar with the traumatic routine (it's like picking your favorite children to keep!) The question that I want to ask you is this: are you really doing it right?!?

Sure you are getting rid of the clothes you haven't worn in a while, or those that have completely fallen apart, or you have had a melt down in the middle of a mountain range full of shoes, bags, jeans and t- shirts, shoved it into the back of your wardrobe and prayed to the fashion gods that you will like it again in a year or two. 

I have done a wardrobe clean out post last year which you can find here and here; but this is 2015 and this is the year of change. There are new rules on the fashion playground and our wardrobes have to keep up with it. The basic Spring cleaning rules don't cut it anymore. So put on your marigolds and pull up your sleeves, because this is how we all should be really cleaning out our wardrobes.

Trust us, your wardrobe will thank you!

No. 1: It's stained. Like, stained, stained. 
Most stains can be removed with little effort, either professional cleaners or handy clever tricks. However some can never be removed; among those are ink- based, bleach, dried paint, heavy based oils and certain dyes/ food. With these pieces its time to say RIP; they will never be back to their usual, brand new self, so you might as well buy fresh. This is the same of items of clothing that truly pong; certain materials will hold onto certain smells. If this have not disappeared by the time it has been washed- get rid of it. 

No 2: It is not something you would pick up in the shops today if you saw it (the second buy theory)
You normally judge clothes on their lifespan in your wardrobe on whether or not you have worn it in a year or not. The real test should be whether or not you would buy that item of clothing if you saw it hanging in your favorite High Street (or designer) store. Ultimately, we buy clothes to not only to make ourselves feel good, but also to impress others. If that top is doing nothing for you right now- what do you think other people would think if they say it? If you would not give it the second buy, out it goes; why waste space in your wardrobe when you can make room for new exciting pieces?!?

No 3: It brings back bad memories. 
Just found that top you were wearing when you ex broke up with you? Or that dress that brings back memories of when you lost your job? Whether we like it or not, clothes are part of our physical memory process and can hold sentimental value in your hearts; good and bad. Purging your wardrobe can be a painful but powerful process (I did it when I broke up with my ex boyfriend years ago and it was so good for me!). It will also force you to fill your sanctuary with things you love and that are baggage free- ready for you to start making new and exciting memories.

No 4: It's a hot mess.
Want to look not so chic and put together? Wear clothes that are stretched out and pulled. Clothes age over time and whilst you can continue to wash them and reshape them, they will never return to th newness. Once they have gone pass their wear by date- the saggy knees and wonky shoulders will stay and completely mess with the shape of your outfit. If it doesn't fit you the way it use to, it is time to say goodbye. 

No 5: You do not feel 100% like yourself in it.
Sure, we can all try new things, new looks and new styles. But what on earth is that dress doing in there that you have not worn ever since your brought it because every time you try it on, you feel odd? Yes, you were trying something different, but you purchased it in a midst wardrobe life crisis, and ultimately it is not you. Nothing makes your outfit more than you confidence and if it is not 100% there- get rid! 

What are you tips for cleaning out your wardrobe? 


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