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27 February 2015

Sample Sale Time (And Possible Haul Video?)

This is the exact face I will be pulling tomorrow night; as I know for a fact when I come home tomorrow with my amazing bargains I will be told to throw away the things I do not use anymore. 

Sorry for the lack of post- but full time job caught up with me (damn it!) I have been so tired but I am coming off lates and will be back to normal functioning hours next week. I also have an entire weekend to visit new places to write about and catch up on some much needed blog posts. 

Today is my work's quarterly year sample sale- which means we get to go in and get some great pieces at bargain prices. As always I will not mention the brand I work for (if you have seen my previous haul posts you will have guess by now) but I have purchased some great pieces over the past month and thought it would be a nice way to do another video and a possible style haul? 

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and wish me luck today getting some amazing fashion bargains! Keep checking my Instagram for a haul picture- one is bound to show up this weekend! 

Have a lovely weekend and I promise to write regularly soon! 

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