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17 February 2015

How To Take Great Instagram Photos

Anyone who knows me well knows how much I love to take photographs. Even more so, I love to use the Instagram app (it's a bit like an addiction). I don't know what people did before we were took pictures of all our food!!

There are so many post like this on Insta- ography, so I thought I would like to share on own tips on how to create a great looking Instagram account. I am not saying mine is the best- but I feel that some of my photos could go up against the heavy weights out there! Plus everyone is allow to take their own Instagram photos however they like, cheezy grins, great skylines or what's on your plate. These are simply my personal tips on how I like to take my photographs.

Let Me Take A Selfie... //
With my selfies, I like to take them on a blank background in order to draw attention to the makeup and outfit. I have also found that the best filter for fair skin is Valencia, it seems to blur your pores, banishes redness and makes your makeup look flawless.

With most selfies (example in photo one), I like to use a selfie stick- I am not ashamed to admit it- I just find it gives you a better angle sometimes. Keep the camera above your eye line and understand your angles. This angle of my face that looks the best (trust me you don't wanna see the other side!) The most important thing for a selfie is light, light, light! Every photo needs good light. Stand by some form of natural light, the best is to get it in front of you. Finally, just play around and take as many photos as you can. Experiment and play around; you never know what shot you might get! 

Lux Is Your Favorite Tool //
On almost every photo I like to use the Lux on every photo, it sharpens photos, adds the correct amount of shadow and ensures the contrast is right for the photo. This doesn't mean I add other effects to my photos, but this one is almost a must have that I use on all photos. 

Accessories Are The Key //
Some photos (such as photo six) look so much better with other details. Think about the way the composition and which accessories you are using in the photo- with food photographs adding cutlery or a paper napkin can really make the picture pop! At the same time, the lack of accessories (as seen in photos three, four and five) can make photos truly stand out. This stance is perfect for coffee photos, especially from a bird's eye view. 

Textures Can Create For Interesting Shots //
I prefer to take landscape/ shots of objects rather than full on outfit shots/ selfie, but I do like to take pictures of my outfit. This may just be snippets of the outfit (see photo two) such as shoes, scarf and jumper. Combined it with the grittiness off the ground, the different textures just seem bring a different interest to the photographs. 

Caption This //
The caption of your photo can make all the difference. Make sure it describes the shot, use emoji's where you wish, and try not to over use the hashtags. Remember the best ones to use too #ootd, #fromwhereistand, #selfie, #style, to ensure the maximum exposure to your shots. 

Remember, these are only my tips, these are not the absolute word on how to take Instagram photos, but I hope they inspire you to take some pretty awesome shots. 

If you are wishing to follow me on Instagram, you can find me here (username: @ellenorsworld). What are your tips on taking a great photo/ Instagram?


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