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25 February 2015

Healthy Cookbooks To Sink Your Sweet Tooth Into

Those who know me (and some of you readers perhaps) know that I am trying to eat healthy (it has lapses a little in the last few weeks but we are getting there!). The main issues I have are my sweet tooth, its incredibly bad but I cannot resist those sweet treats. The main goal with healthy eating was to fine some good healthy recipes, but also alternatives to sugar and that pick me up we all crave. I am happy to report I have found a few books that help us keep on the straight and narrow. 

The first book was a recommendation from one of my favorite bloggers: Hello October. She had recently picked up a Leon (an elite in the cooking world) cookbook in the form of Little Leon: Soups, Salads & Snacks. This book may be small, but it packs a big punch in the form of naturally fast foods to get, all healthy and all good for on the go. It's my go to book for lunches for work, and I waiting patiently for when I get off the late shift at work to start mixing up some super healthy, super yummy lunches. 

The book I had read about a while back, but never gave it another thought until I was starting my hunt for some super healthy sweet treats, without the added sugar. Enter Daisy Lowe, who after giving up sugar brought out her own cookbook full of amazing recipes to calm even the most aggressive sweet tooth! Sweetness and Light is dived into 6 chapters packed with great bakes including an ice cream section and page after page of cookie recipes. 

The final book I have purchased was after reading about this young lady in Grazia UK Magazine. Her story on how she found healthy foods was so inspiring and once I saw the price of the book on Amazon (currently £7.99- bargain!) I knew I had no choice but to purchase it. Deliciously Ella follows on from this food bloggers own blog, producing healthy but filling recipes that have great harmony of all the important nutrients that our body requires. From how all the basics you will need in your cupboard to bizarre but tasty sweet bites (avocado chocolate moose anyone?) this book is the one I am most inspired by and the most motivating to stick to a healthy lifestyle. 

Have you read any healthy cookbooks? Which ones would you recommend?


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