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18 February 2015

Food At Norse | Harrogate

Here on this blog we are all about fine dining (champagne lifestyle, duh!) but this does not always come at tea budget prices. However when L and I friends told us about this great place that is hidden in the unlikeness of places with an incredibly famous chef; you just have to spend a few extra, hard earn pennies. I mean when you work so hard, why not splash out once in a while? 

Now imagine where we went we went for fine dining like the food you see above? Imaging somewhere like The Ritz? Think again...

Yes your eyes don't deceive you. This place is a cafe. Baltzersen's is a gorgeous cafe offering the best in Yorkshire produce, with a Scandinavian inspiration to provide us lovely folk with the taste of Nordic North. If I am honest I have never been to the cafe itself (never say never), however the focus of this post is what happens to the place after dark. 

As night crawls in, the blinds are drawn, the cafe is closed for an hour in order to turn the place into Norse: a restaurant that offers a unique dining experience with a difference. The menu consists of 8 savory dishes and two desserts; and you are encouraged to try as many or as little dishes as you like. There is not set starters or mains; the prices reflect on the size of the dish. The food is cooked by none other than Head Chef Murray Wilson; finalist in the first series of MasterChef: The Professionals (remember the series? Trust me it was a good one!) 

The interior itself is gorgeous! Dark woods, light walls and elements of Scandinavia, without being too in your face about it. Again, there is so set menu- your choosing dishes depending on your mood and how hungry you are! But first we needed drinks and that is a whole experience in itself!

I am in love with the cocktails. I would come back purely for the drinks themselves! First of I had a Basil Smash: Basil, Lemon and Gin (simple perfection.) Jess had Dirty Beets: Sweet Beetroot Vodka (you are reading correctly), Cointreau, Lemon and Bramley Apple. Unfortunately I cannot remember what Dan's drink was (Dan if you remember let me know!) They are truly unique and different from anything else that I have ever tried before- though I am going to try the Basil Smash myself at home! 

We soon decided on the food, and waited patiently to come.

Can't take these two anywhere! 

While we waited for our food, we were offered some lovely sourdough bread, along with some seedy, nutty bites and some Snaps: vodka infused shots. There was the beetroot vodka on hand, along with hazelnut vodka which I fell in love with! 

I wish I was good at describing things, because I know that I am not going to be able to give this food justice! Here are just a sample of a few of the first dishes we had. Mine was Charred Cornish mackerel, turnip, mustard, gooseberry jam and rhubarb granita. I realised that after ordering this, I didn't like mackerel, tried a bit and fell in love with the fish all over again! What was meant to by quite an oily fish, was very meaty, combined with the sharpness of the rhubarb granita and mustard- it was a heavenly bite in my mouth! 

L went for the Line caught wild halibut, oxtail, salsify, samphire and brown butter; again a taste sensation (the halibut was to die for!) while Jess went for Slow cooked belly of Yorkshire lamb, spelt, lemon verbena, charred onion and oak moss sauce. Again, I don't like lamb and I would eat that most days! 

Excuse my hair- it was day two and my day off!

For our second dish all of us (bar Dan who is a vegetarian) unanimously agreed that there was only one dish to go for: Scottish red deer haunch, duck-fat beetroot and parsnip, blueberry, artichoke and Julmust sauce. Bless Rudolph's cousins because he was delicious, tender and juicy. Artichoke again just enhances the meat and the Julmust sauce brings the dish together for meal like no other. 

Aren't these two cute?! Their Instagram's are a photo- lover's heaven, that you all must check out: Jess: @_jessclayton_, Dan: @mauricedans and oh course L's: @lionbird. Oh and you can't forget mine, @ellenorsworld; I sometimes have a good day with a photograph!

I entered a food coma by the time dessert came around; yet somehow found some room to have a bite- or too! Dessert was Poached Yorkshire forced rhubarb, dill consomm√©, almond crumble and Earl Grey ice cream; and Frozen chocolate, birch sap, woodruff ice cream, candied pecans and granola. Utter sweet  pleasure- the frozen chocolate with woodruff ice cream is the perfect combo! 

As you can see, four incredibly happy dinners!! I would 100% come here again, it is worth spending my money on purely for the experience! From my understanding, the menu is constantly changing. so you better book a table fast!! If you fancy this taste experience, you can book your table here on their website.  Also check out their Instagram and Twitter here for more updates in regards to their menu!

Thank you again to Norse and Murray Wilson for a truly amazing meal! 


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