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24 February 2015

Enjoying The First Day Of My Holiday With AquaRiva (With No Hangover!)

Last Wednesday night I had such an amazing night with some amazing people. I am not going to lie, I had way too much to drink and was dreading the hangover that was coming my way,so imagine my shock and utter delight when I woke up fresh as a daisy the next day!

The secret to this I will tell you later, but first let me explain how I actually ended up at the event. I am lucky enough to have such amazing friends who are lovely enough to invite me to this event. In fact Pippy's exact words (or Philippopoulos officially) to me were 'Want to go drink Tequila? It's free'. I mean who can say no to that?!? 

The event was held at Epernay Champagne Bar here in Leeds (inside The Electric Press Building), a beautiful bar full of exposed brick work, leather seats and bottle after bottle of champagne and good wine. We were greeted with some yummy Tequila based Margarita: AquaRiva Blanco , Lime, AquaRiva Organic Algave Syrup. So delicious! As everyone eventually pilled into the building we were eventually ushered to our seats, ready to taste three Tequilas. 

First we were told about the history and introduced the concept behind the brand. Cleo Rocos created AquaRiva in the search for the perfect 100% Tequila. Why 100% Tequila you ask. Well simply because the '100%' Tequila you have been drinking so far is not 100%- it's more likely Tequila based. This means you do not get the full taste of the Agave (the plant which Tequila comes from) and the true experience; as Cleo explained, the taste of true Tequila is like the first day of your holiday.

Tequila is also a relaxing drink; gone are the uni days of necking it down with a lick of salt and a lime wedge. Slip, never shoot. I also love the story of behind the name of the brand (I had to ask it was killing me!) Cleo talks about how one of her happiness memories is sitting on a luxury yacht with her family and Uncle Ari (that's Aristotle Onassis to you and me) in lovely Greece. The name of the boat is AquaRiva; and the uniqueness of that one moment stuck. 

It's the perfect name for the Blanco Tequila: 8 year old Agaves and pure spring water. Double distilled and rested for 2- 3 weeks before bottling. The Tequila taste like sweet citrus fruit with the slightest hint of white pepper and extremely smooth. As someone who has never sipped Tequila, it was surprisingly easy to handle!  

The second Tequila was Reposado, again made from 100% Blue Weber Agave and pure spring water; however this one is rested for 6 months in American Oak Single Cask Whiskey barrels. This is my favorite Tequila out of the bunch, thanks to its resting period, the drink has a great deep smooth taste to it. Hints of caramel biscuit and delicate ripe fruit; and again with no burn- amazing! What I love about this Tequila is the no hangover at the beginning of the next day. The secret is the lack of sugar inside the drink; which is the main cause of getting drunk and that pounding headache the next day. 

Pete clearly enjoying himself.

The final Tequila we tried was the Handmade Reposado. The Blue Weber Agave is hand- selected and at least 8 years old and again the drink is rested for 9 months in the Oak Single Cask Whiskey Barrels. The taste is a slight hint of almond, toasted apricot and the tiniest nib of dark chocolate. This espresso martini is perfect with the Tequila, smooth and enjoyable. 

Cleo is loveliest lady I have ever met (she called me exquisite- I nearly died on the spot). She is clearly passionate about Tequila and her brand. And why not, it's clearly a brilliant product, Pippy, the master bartender, agreed. Philippopoulos has a great Instagram account, you should totally check it out! 

Thank you again Cleo for hosting such a great event and I hope back to Leeds soon to party like you promised. 

Check out AquaRiva's website here and their Twitter page here. 


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