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24 December 2015

21 December 2015

Cape Days

Another London post, another museum and another outfit post....

17 December 2015

Family Favourites With Linda Barker

Are you ready for some more festive baking on the blog today?


16 December 2015

Christmas Baking With Chia Bia

Here's comes Christmas and that can only me one thing.....

Christmas Baking!!

15 December 2015

La Redoute Bloggers Christmas Party

Guys, I went to my first ever bloggers Christmas party and it was amazing! 

9 December 2015

What Happened When I Went For A Smear Test

Warning, a very graphic but important post.

Men, you might wanna sit this one out...

8 December 2015

Take The #ChiaBiaChallenge*

I am never one to turn down a challenge...

7 December 2015

A Day In Chelsea

Chelsea is my favorite place in London...

3 December 2015

The Hedonist Project

There is a new pop up bar in Leeds, and I cannot wait to tell you about it!

1 December 2015

Birthday Celebrations

 Sorry for the lack of post last week, but I was enjoying a week of birthday celebrations away from West Yorkshire and headed to the Capital. Fear not readers- I was never going to leave you out of all the fun!

Are you ready for a birthday adventure? 


30 November 2015

Christmas At Pintura

It is finally time to get all Christmassy and festive on the blog! 

Are you read to get wrapped up and cosy? 

23 November 2015

Madame Waffle | Lincoln

Lincoln is stepping up it's brunch and coffee game as I discovered when I headed home for the weekend....

18 November 2015

Ancient Ruins | Jerash

Be prepared to escape to a whole new world....

17 November 2015

The Great Revolt | Jordan

Who knew that camping in the desert would involve stepping back in time to an important time in history...

16 November 2015

Desert Life | Wadi Rum

Let's go on an adventure together....

13 November 2015

Ancient New Wonders | Jordan

 On my second day of my trip, I ticked off a tiny thing on my bucket list....

11 November 2015

Ellie Goes To Jordan

Finally, I have finally managed to get up my Jordan adventures on the blog!!


10 November 2015

An Evening With Bolongaro Trevor

Ever realised that there has been a pretty awesome shop right around the corner from you and you didn't realise?

Well this was exactly what happened to me a few days ago when I was invited to one of the coolest parties this Halloween time...

9 November 2015

3 Years

So, I have been in a relationship with L for 1095 days....

5 November 2015

Welcome To The Cuban Party

There is no party like a Cuban party, and this little blogger was lucky enough to be invited to Leeds newest place to open; where the rum was perfection and the food is to dye for!!

30 October 2015

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie*

Anyone up for a pumpkin spice smoothie?


28 October 2015

I Found The Holy Grail Guys!

I found it guys! I found THE perfect foundation...

27 October 2015

Edible Art With Harvey Nichols

'Cookery is naturally the most ancient of the arts, as of all arts it is the most important.'
George Ellwanger


26 October 2015

Brunch Times On Sheaf Street

I know what you are thinking. Where can I get my hands on those delicious pancakes....

23 October 2015

21 October 2015

Dinner At Bar Soba*

The cold winter nights are finally rolling in, but fear not! For when you cannot be bother to cook, I know a great place that is perfect for some comfort grub....

20 October 2015

When Art Meets Style*

I sadly missed out on Fashion Week this Autumn (next year! Or at least two years) so I was happy that Harvey Nichols was hosting a style presentation in Leeds so I could still get my dose of fashion ready for the new season....

12 October 2015

Travelling In Style With Sudio*

 When I travel I need headphones that are going to deliver on sound, pack away nicely and look insanely stylish to be in keeping with my airport style. Lucky there is a brand out there that has this all covered...

8 October 2015

The Ultimate Luxury Lifestyle With VanDutch Yatchs*

As you may have guessed by my blog's name, I am all about living a luxury lifestyle (on the tiniest of budgets). But what if I was given the opportunity to have THE luxury lifestyle, what would it be and why....

6 October 2015

#TakeABubbleBreak with Bathstore*

When was the last time you had a luxurious, relaxing bath....

5 October 2015

Bar De Pla | Barcelona

For our final supper in Barcelona (cue uncontrollable crying at the thought of no more Barcelona posts), we took recommendations from the locals and found a little place in the city that was truly special and completely not what we were expecting...

2 October 2015

Discovering The Perfect Bikini At Tapas 24 | Barcelona

 Before you think I went swimwear shopping, it's actually a local dish in Barcelona. And no, it is not the food you are seeing above, you will have to read this post to find out more....

30 September 2015

Brunch At Caravelle & Beach Day! | Barcelona

After having some amazing tapas food at this place, it was a no- brainer that we needed to check them out for brunch...

29 September 2015

Dinner At Bar Lobo | Barcelona

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. So when in Spain, give in and have as much tapas as your stomach can handle....

28 September 2015

Parks and Recreation

Sometimes with holidays, you feel the need to really pack everything in. But every now and then you need to go off the beaten track and have a wonder in the city you are exploring...

22 September 2015

Brunchelona in Barcelona

I know what you are thinking; what is that delicious dish that I can see right in front of me, where can I get it from and is it as yummy as it looks? All the answers can be found right here in this mouth watering post...

21 September 2015

#PopUpPopArtLeeds With Harvey Nichols | Leeds*

I know you were expecting a post continuing on from my Barcelona adventure, but I have to put the breaks on that just for a day and let you know of an exciting event that's happening in Leeds right now... 

18 September 2015

Coffee With Nomad | Barcelona

When you love coffee and are dating a Barista, a quick stop at Starbucks just will not do when you are exploring a new country. L had got many recommendations from his boss who is constantly visiting Barcelona and Nomad was just on of them. 

15 September 2015

La Pedrera | Barcelona

Another touristy post on the blog and yet another very photo heavy post. You have been warned (cuppa's at the ready!!)

14 September 2015

Brunch At Flax & Kale | Barcelona

If you are a long time reader o the blog you will know that brunch is my favorite meal of the day. When trying to find great and less touristy places to visit, I took advice from a well know blogger Estee (Essie Button) and decided to hit up this little place for some delicious and Instagram-able food…..

11 September 2015

Burgers With Le Coq & The Burg | Barcelona

Tapas is all good when you are in Spain, but everyone know and then- this girl needs a burger. Thank god there is a place in Barcelona that is serving some of the best in the city....

10 September 2015

Dinner At Caravelle | Barcelona

Are you ready to see some sexy looking food and the some of the yummiest tapas you will ever taste?

9 September 2015

Instagram Round Up | Barcelona

 Because it's only been about 24 hours since I left and I miss this gorgeous place already!!

8 September 2015

A Coffee With Satan | Barcelona

If you are on the Les Ramblas in Barcelona and fancy taking a walk on the devilish side; take a turn along one of the back streets and keep heading until you reach a corner where you will sin by drinking deliciously evil coffee and will not feel sorry about it.....

7 September 2015

What's In My Travel Make Up Bag

It was the first thing I packed and the first thing I got set up on the bathroom side. What can I say, I am a girl who can only start the day when I have got my face on!

4 September 2015

A Tour Of The Arts | Barcelona

Today's post is a very cultural, touristy and hist based post. It is also very photo heavy, so get yourself a cuppa and a snack, set yourself up comfy- we are in it for the long run....

3 September 2015

A Brief Introduction to Barcelona

Buenos días mis encantadores lectores de magnífica de Barcelona!!!

2 September 2015

Key Essentials For A Meat's And Cheese Board

When all else fails for dinner (i.e. I cannot be bothered to cook), this set up is my idea of a perfect night in....

1 September 2015

The Body Shop Spa of The World Collection*

 Ladies and gentleman, who's up for a day at the spa?
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