Decor Inspiration

image: cupcakes and cashmere
In less than two months I have to move house.

Well, I don’t have to move house, but L and I are choosing to move to somewhere bigger. Hopefully we will find the perfect place and say goodbye to our ting little flat and hello to a HOUSE!!!!
I am excited about this move, mainly because it has been planned out more than the last move (we basically said yes to the most livable place as we were moving in two weeks) and I have been driving my man crazy researching areas and deciding on the best locations and what not.
I am not going to lie, I didn’t want to get a house in the beginning. I am a city girl and I love the lifestyle that comes with it. But after talking it through with L and my mother holding my cat hostage until I can provide outdoor space for him, I have finally come around to the idea.
I am also excited because it means I get to decorate my first grown up home. Now this is about 20 years in the making! There are so many interesting places to look online for home inspiration and I thought I would share my favorite places with you.
Cupcakes and Cashmere

I love this blog. This is the blog that got me inspired to write about my life. I saw what Emily was doing (pictured above) and I thought ‘hey, I can do this!’ Her home is decorated amazingly and I pre ordered her book the minute I knew it was being released. I am also so excited for her new home book which is coming out next year. Her blog gives you inspirations on how to organise and arrange things that just look so polished and clean. I cannot recommend this enough as somewhere to look for home inspiration.

Pinterest is just a picture encyclopedia of all things pretty. It is a must have bloggers resource for anything inspirational and I can simply waste HOURS on this site. My Pinterest boards can be found here and I have some amazing friends who have some of the best images. The best thing about Pinterest is that you can categorise everything and if you need an opinion on something, you only need to ask!
A Beautiful Mess
I love this website/ blog. It is full of so many amazing DIY projects, home inspiration and How To’s; another place that I simply get lost in. This place will make you want to buy a tool box and build everything by hand. The home decor projects are simple and easy to do; and there are home tours for everyone to take inspiration from. This is one for the people who want to create amazing, unique, one of a kind spaces but on the cheap (AKA me).