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31 July 2014

Courgette Pasta

There's something new in the food world. 

Courgette noodles, or coodles, are taking the world by storm. My entire Pinterest has been covered in pictures of this delicious goodness, and finally I decided to give it a go.

30 July 2014

Happy 50th Birthday Mum

My mother is probably going to kill me for putting this out on the web, but she deserves the biggest shout out in the entire world.

24 July 2014

Soap And Glory Smoothie Star Buttercream


I needed a new moisturizer. 

I am always needing a new moisturizer. I don't know why I can never find a forever one, They always seem to work for like a few days and then nothing.

23 July 2014

Cinnamancake= Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

One of my favourite recipes I have stumbled across....

22 July 2014

What's In A Name?

This is a weird post to write, but I am getting so fed up and sick of it that I have decided to handle the issue head on.

21 July 2014

Always The Last One On The Bandwagon... Nars Haul

Why am I always the last one to pick up on the amazing things....

18 July 2014

Chocolate Cupcakes- Kids Style


You cannot beat a simple chocolate cupcake recipe and you cannot beat decorating them like a child. I mean, who needs fancy swirly icing and perfect decoration, just throw it on and enjoy!

17 July 2014

My Favorite Beauty Buy EVER! Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat Foundation

I an forever finding the perfect foundation for my skin. And I think, at the beginning of this month, I found it...

16 July 2014

New Reads: A Fashionable Book Haul

I think this was the most favorite thing I brought this month. I lovre books and my favorite type of what I call 'coffee table' books. You, know the ones you can display nicely on your bookshelf or your centre table in your lounge. Makes you look so intellectual and sophisticated. Or a hoarder...

15 July 2014

Healthy Breakfast Choices

Since working lates (3.00pm- 11.00pm- groan!) I have been struggling with meals to ensure I am not eating too late in the day but getting enough food to ensure I have the energy! 

14 July 2014

Watching The World Cup Last Night

So I decided to join the lads to watch the World Cup Final, seeing how my team from the draw at work were in the final: Argentina. Now most of you readers will know how the rest of this story goes; so it's a bloody good thing I had a few of these Pina Colada's pre game.....

10 July 2014

Work Life Vs. Blog Life

This is such a weird post for me to write as I do not want to seem like I am complaining about my little blog; but lately I have been struggling to keep my hobby up as the demands of my new role at my work begin to keep in.

9 July 2014

Red True Barbecue

This weekend was so lovely and warm that I needed to get out and enjoy the sun. To be fair I really wanted to do a BBQ, but as my flat does not have an outdoor space, L and I decided to head out down for some true American grub....

8 July 2014

Eggs Florentine

Since working late's, I am addicted to having a big proper breakfast. My favourite thing to tuck into whilst in bed with a nice cup of tea is Eggs Florentine. It's so good for you as it provides a nice bit of protein with a big punch of iron. I think people do not like to attempt it due to the hollandaise sauce, which can be tricky, but once mastered you will be whipping up this treat in no time!

7 July 2014

Everyday Make Up Removers

Since hitting the grand old age of 23, I have been religious about removing my make up every night. Granted, it doesn't always happen after a drunken night out; but something has made me realise as I entered my mid twenties that if I do not start looking after my skin now, I am going to regret it in a few years to come.

4 July 2014

Quote Of The Week

@the coveteur

And with that everyone I am signing off for the weekend. Have a good one everyone!


3 July 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Hemingway

I am pausing what ever you have planned today to bring attention to the fact that today is this little ones first birthday.

Those who don't love crazy cat ladies, turn away now.

2 July 2014

The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel

Is it bad that really, the main reason why I brought this was because it contained my favourite French word of all time? Pamplemousse. I mean, its just amazing!!

1 July 2014

An Englishman, An Irishman, A Frenchman and A Scots(wo)man Went To Dinner

Sounds like the beginning of a long- winded joke but that was honestly who was sat with me around the dinner table this Saturday evening just gone. We have moi the Scotsman (I was born in Inverness so it counts!), my boyfriend the Englishman, Rudy the Frenchman (from Dijon, which as blonde as it sounds, is where the mustard gets its name from!?!) and Damian the true- blooded Irishman. 
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