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30 May 2014

Pay Day Treat: Summer Must Haves

I have been thinking about it for a while as I don't like wearing shorts, due to not liking my legs.

29 May 2014

Detoxing Your Skin

This weekend I plan to purge my skin of bad, icky stuff and start afresh. My face has been feel so horrible and blocked that I needed to invest in something that was going to detox my skin and just let it breath again.

28 May 2014

The Textbooks of Fashion

I am obsessed with fashion magazines. I think this is where most of my money goes each month. There is just something about staring into those beautiful images and I just loose myself in a different world. One minute I am walking the streets of New York in some beautiful winter wear, and the next I am on a glorious, sunny tropical beach.

27 May 2014

Cocktails On The Rooftop

Another day off and another sunny day! How very lucky for us here in England (take advantage peeps! I don't think it's staying around for long!)

26 May 2014

Summer To Do List


So I sucked at my last to do list. 

I think I only did about two things on it. You can see my epic fails here on the last time I did this post.

23 May 2014

Closet Confidential: Organizing a Wardrobe, OCD Style

It was that time of year when my wardrobe needed a goo sort out. It was late at night and not the best lighting, but a job needed doing. That still didn't stop me taking photos...

22 May 2014

Thursday Musings

Well, this just makes me feel a whole lot better!

*Reaches for the cheesecake...*

Have a good day guys.

Oh, and the answer to the question in yesterdays post, is Jerry Maguire. Who would have thought :)

21 May 2014

Mud House and Mussels on The Riverbank

It was my day off.

I was just sitting around minding my own business.

Then my boyfriend text me from his work uttering the words every girl want's to hear.....

20 May 2014

Clinique True Bronze Press Powder Bronzer


I don't know how it happened, but I managed to get to the grand old age of 23 without ever wearing bronzer.

15 May 2014

Being A Bad Blogger

Welcome to my current nightmare.

14 May 2014

Feeling Like An Oddball

So, public confession number one....

12 May 2014

Roast And Conch Leeds


Roast and Conch in Leeds, is one of my favourite places to hang out. Owned by the company Hotel Chocolat, it's has this very down- to- earth atmosphere, and a decor that I have never seen anywhere else. 

7 May 2014

Bourjois Happy Light Primer

 I was in need of a new primer and I was in dire need of something that provided light, dewy skin, whilst also being moisturising. I was advised to give this product a go, and I am so glad I did.

5 May 2014

15 Shocking Things That You Weren't Expecting In Your Twenties


Like it or not, everyone will eventually hit that point in life of turning twenty. And its amazing at first, and then your twenty-one and suddenly in the words of Taylor Swift; you feeling twenty- twooooooooooooo!

2 May 2014

Shutting Down This Weekend

I have been so knackered this week it is unreal. 

I have been putting in a lot of overtime this week (thinking of the pennies) and I just realised that from working with computers all day and speaking to people on the phone, to then come home and chat to my guy and my friends whilst surfing on the internet and updating the blog; my body and my mind has had enough.

1 May 2014

Thursday's Musings

Well, is it?!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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