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31 January 2014

friday night in

Its finally here! 

Pay Day!

30 January 2014

gift guide: an engagement gift

So my bestie just got engaged. I cannot be more happy for my bean and her new fiance (that is such a weird sentence to say) and I am so sad that I am a different city to her so I cannot run up to her and give her a massive hug.

29 January 2014

smoked haddock en papier

I am not one for cooking (more of a baker) but when I am forced to fend for myself, i.e when I am left alone for the evening and there is not enough money in the bank for a takeaway, I like to try something that is simple to make but is good to the taste. 

28 January 2014

lazy days

Surprise, surprise.

Its raining here in England. Shock horror. 

27 January 2014

happy birthday

Happy Birthday to my man, my boo.

Happy Birthday Lee, I hope you have a great day and love your pressie. Don't worry, no surprise holidays plans, like when I surprised you with a weekend in Paris last year. That you know of just yet ;) Jokes! Its on its way and it will be with you shortly! Bloody post.

Have a great day and I love you. X


25 January 2014

new hair, new starts

So I got my hair sorted finally.

24 January 2014

this week #02

One of my favorite shows, a new buy from Topshop, I love this drink way too much, my face when in the car and my little sister is driving, some yummy hot chocolate with wifey and Roast and Conch Leeds, One of my favorite breakfast to have on a Sunday morning, new trousers from ASOS, running out of foundation and using the last of it by creating a BB cream (poor needs, poor musts) and an amazing vintage sweet shop. 


23 January 2014

homemade bread

My friends called me a grandma when I sent them a snap chap of me doing this.

22 January 2014

simple skin care routine

I am so annoyed that my batteries have ran out on my camera. I have had to resort to my I Phone camera and it never seems to focus property.

Its my fault to be honest, I should really invest in rechargeable batteries. Its on my next things- to- get- when- I- go- into- town list (a long with a whole load of other boring stuff). I live such an interesting life sometimes....

21 January 2014

travel times


So I got incredibly lucky this January.

20 January 2014

cold and brisk

coat: topshop
scarf: joy
dress: asos

Its so cold here in England. Plus with the gale its horrible. 

17 January 2014

happy birthday

Happy birthday to my hero.

16 January 2014

the places you go


I love travelling.

15 January 2014

hemingway update

I cannot get enough of how handsome my little guy is.

14 January 2014

butternut squash houmous

This is my start to my healthy detox month, a classic favorite of mine with a twist. 

10 January 2014

this week #01

Topshop buys, new boots from Christmas, decorating my sideboard, trying to decide on a nail colour, needing to try out some of these recipes and teas, my pug largerfeld tee, they way friend serves tea, my new buys from Clinique, his and her coffee mugs from Paperchase.

9 January 2014

throwback thursdays

Paris circa 1994.

A poser back then as I am now. And always thinking about food.


8 January 2014

beauty buys

I have to admit I am not much a beauty person. It is only recently since I have been reading some of the popular beauty blogs (I Covet Thee is may favourite) that I have decided to play around and look into improving on my beauty regime. 

7 January 2014

how to pack for a weekend away like a mad woman

I pack like a a traveler on acid each and every time I go somewhere, even if its for a few days.

Even when I am just staying over at my girlfriend's house for a girly night out, I pack half of my house. Though I have an excuse then, I need A LOT of things to get glam!

6 January 2014

meet hemingway

So this is my kitten Hemingway.

3 January 2014



I feel great and horrible at the same time.

2 January 2014

a year in instagram

2013 was an amazing year for me. 

I got my first salary job working for a company I love. I moved to another city for the first time in my life and at the same time I moved in with a boy for the first time in my life (eek). I got my first ever pet who is my life and I have made some amazing new friends. 

Not too shabby me thinks for one year. I only got Instagram in October when I finally moved out of the stone ages and got an I phone. Believe me though when I say I have become addicted. To give you a glimpse into my year here are a few photos from my Instagram of what I have been up to and some of my favorite 2013 shots.

Don't forget you can follow me on Instagram but clicking on the icon in my side bar or by clicking here


1 January 2014

two thousand and fourteen


New year. New blog. Fresh start.

This time it is going to stick. At least I hope so...

Stay tuned ...

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