27 February 2015

Sample Sale Time (And Possible Haul Video?)

This is the exact face I will be pulling tomorrow night; as I know for a fact when I come home tomorrow with my amazing bargains I will be told to throw away the things I do not use anymore. 

Sorry for the lack of post- but full time job caught up with me (damn it!) I have been so tired but I am coming off lates and will be back to normal functioning hours next week. I also have an entire weekend to visit new places to write about and catch up on some much needed blog posts. 

Today is my work's quarterly year sample sale- which means we get to go in and get some great pieces at bargain prices. As always I will not mention the brand I work for (if you have seen my previous haul posts you will have guess by now) but I have purchased some great pieces over the past month and thought it would be a nice way to do another video and a possible style haul? 

Let me know if this is something you would be interested in and wish me luck today getting some amazing fashion bargains! Keep checking my Instagram for a haul picture- one is bound to show up this weekend! 

Have a lovely weekend and I promise to write regularly soon! 

26 February 2015

Wardrobe Clean Out | 2015

Every girl has cleaned out their wardrobe once or twice in their life and is pretty familiar with the traumatic routine (it's like picking your favorite children to keep!) The question that I want to ask you is this: are you really doing it right?!?

25 February 2015

Healthy Cookbooks To Sink Your Sweet Tooth Into

Those who know me (and some of you readers perhaps) know that I am trying to eat healthy (it has lapses a little in the last few weeks but we are getting there!). The main issues I have are my sweet tooth, its incredibly bad but I cannot resist those sweet treats. The main goal with healthy eating was to fine some good healthy recipes, but also alternatives to sugar and that pick me up we all crave. I am happy to report I have found a few books that help us keep on the straight and narrow. 

24 February 2015

Enjoying The First Day Of My Holiday With AquaRiva (With No Hangover!)

Last Wednesday night I had such an amazing night with some amazing people. I am not going to lie, I had way too much to drink and was dreading the hangover that was coming my way,so imagine my shock and utter delight when I woke up fresh as a daisy the next day!

18 February 2015

Food At Norse | Harrogate

Here on this blog we are all about fine dining (champagne lifestyle, duh!) but this does not always come at tea budget prices. However when L and I friends told us about this great place that is hidden in the unlikeness of places with an incredibly famous chef; you just have to spend a few extra, hard earn pennies. I mean when you work so hard, why not splash out once in a while? 

Now imagine where we went we went for fine dining like the food you see above? Imaging somewhere like The Ritz? Think again...
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