A Makeup Revolution?

Wednesday, October 29

Dare I say that there is a cheaper alternative to Urban Decay Naked Palettes?!?

Believe it or not I think we do. Don't get it wrong, I love the Naked Palettes and I am praying that I will get the Urban Decay Naked Vault for Christmas!! But for the time being I can set my mind at ease with these budget friendly palettes. 

Revolution Makeup is something that my dear work friend introduced me to on time after work and I am slightly annoyed she did- as I am now addicted. They are literally beauty dupes of some of the high end make up palettes out there. For example, The Makeup Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic 3, I feel is almost identical to the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. The palette contains the perfect mix of shimmer and matte shades, perfect for my fair skin tone and blonde hair. At £4.00 as well, you cannot beat it on price.

I am in love with the Revolution Makeup Salvation Palette Girls On Film Autumn shades. The palette contains a beautiful mixture of purple/ plum hues, soft browns and deep reds. This limited edition palette also only costs £6.00- a total beauty bargain. 

Revolution Makeup Salvation Palette Run Boy Run might be my favourite one out of the haul. It has a combination of shimmers and mattes, all in lovely blush pinks and barely there nudes. This palette is also only £6.00 so you are really not breaking the bank with it. Overall, I am a happy blogger with my purchases.

Have you tried Revolution Makeup? What do you think of it?

Uncommon Excellence At Rare

Tuesday, October 28

I was so excited last Friday night as my best friend Narrindar was down from Lincoln. Though it was only a quick visit (I got at least four hours with her!) it was nice to see her lovely face and catch up. Narrindar wanted to get dressed up and be fancy and I knew just where to go. I just hoped she didn't mind dining with my good old friend here called Sue.....

Rare has been open for just over a year in Leeds and I have been dying to go for so long and was so happy to finally have an excuse. They value themselves on 'uncommon excellence', offering the rarest cuts of meat, the rarest drinks and an atmosphere and layout that Instagram addicts will go nuts over. The in house hospitality isn't so bad either, they are moooooooo than happy to help you out selecting your meals!

Sue is such a good poser! I hope I got her best side! 

They have a great deal on cocktails at the moment, 2 for £10.00. I was spoil for choice, until I saw this particular cocktails name. Coco Chanel: which featured Rum, coconut, cream and something else delicious (not going to lie, I got a little tipsy). I also fell in love with these copper cups and are dying to get my hands on some for the house- imagine mule wine or hot chocolate inside them for Winter!!! I found some similar ones here on the Amazon.co.uk.

Rare have an excellent selection of meat and steak to eat (sorry vegetarians, I do not think you will like it here). The staff are very knowledgeable on the cuts, how to have it cooked and what it goes best with. You pay per 100g and some of the meats ranged from 300g at £10.95 per 100g to 1100g at £7.55 per 100g!!!

Don't worry your not expected to eat your body weight in steak all to yourself, these portions are made to share. The whole menu was excellent and whilst I was looking forward to some good steak, unfortunately no one in our party wanted it compared to what was on the menu. Now I am a girl that can eat, but there is a fine line where the eating becomes impressive and just plain scary. Sadly my dreams of having some melt in your mouth meaty goodness were dashed. If I could make one suggestion it would be to have individual proportions for people. It isn't too bad though- L has promised me we will go back sometime soon. 

The food I did end up having was blooming amazing. I decided to go for two smaller plates and tried out the Cured Gressingham Duck served with spiced nut, fennel and raisin salad, which was accompanied with the Spicy Chickpea Scotch Quails Eggs served with mustard mayo. Utter perfection, it was cooked beautifully and presented so well. 

Men, if you need somewhere to take your girlfriend/ wife for an anniversary or you have a special lady friend that you want to impress, I could not recommend this restaurant enough. I will be coming back and next time, I will be feeding the inner carnivore and having steak!!! In the mean time, let me leave this post on a light note with a selfie of me and my girl Sue.....

Have you been to Rare Leeds? What do you think of it?

My Favorite Things About Autumn/ Fall

Monday, October 27

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. Not only is the season of my birthday (coming soon to a November near you!!) but there is just a beautiful shift in the world. The colours make the world look like it has an Instagram filter constantly on it and there is just a peacefulness to it all. Not to mention those three little initials... PSL. With this is mind here is my list of my faourite things about Autumn/ Fall:

- Crunchy leaves
- Halloween
- Hot chocolate
- Candles
- Knitwear 
- More candles
- Scarfs
- Chelsea boots
- Putting the fire on
- Pie!!
- Rainy days watching film or catch up TV
- Sparklers/ Bonfire night!
- Conkers
- Layers being in fashion
- Planning for Christmas
- Throws and cuddling up in blankets 
- Salted caramel
- Comfort food
- Red noses
- Even more candles 
- Baths
- Snuggling into bed on a cold night
- Becoming a hermit as its too cold to go out on a Friday night
- Coats and jackets

What's your favourite thing about Autumn/ Fall?

Sunday Autumn Brunch At The Reliance

Friday, October 24

If your out and about in Leeds this weekend, I hope this will give you a good idea of where to go for Sunday brunch after that long and tiring Autumn walk. I mean, once have finished kicking around those leaves you are going to wanna a bit to eat, no?

Quote Thursday

Thursday, October 23

Quantities that should be found in all humans.

Rest in peace creative genius.