26 January 2015

Happy 30th Birthday L

Happy 30th birthday to my gorgeous boyfriend and my partner in life, L. You are such a wonderful person and I feel incredibly blessed and lucky to have met you. I feel even more honoured that out of everyone, you chose to be with me. 

I hope the next 30 years of your life bring you success, luck and happiness. Above all, I hope you know just how truly loved you are by everyone you know.

Happy birthday Boo. xxx


How To Shop For Vintage China

Anyone who truly knows me knows I love purchasing vintage china. The only issue is at this at the current moment in time is the fact that our flat is far too small for us to even store anything new for the home (much less anything old and vintage; which is probably why my addiction to beauty and clothes has significantly increased in the last few months.....

25 January 2015

Sunday Update #003


23 January 2015

Bloggers In The Spotlight | Lily Pebble's Brookies

Bloggers are great for inspiration, great bloggers are a valuable resource. This blogger is no different and when I was bored one weekend, I log onto her website and found a sweet recipe to pass the time away and something delicious to nibble on....

21 January 2015

What's In My Everyday Bag | Video

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