24 April 2015

#PerfectPorridge With Flahavan's*

I have turned down a few opportunities to do sponsored post, but when somebody says 'would you like to do a few post for us and we will provide you with free breakfast?' Well you just cannot say no to that!!! 

23 April 2015

Wandering Down To Bundobust

So healthy plan took a slight detour this week. I tried my hardest; but when someone offers you a potato burger and deep fried popadoms, you really cannot say no...

22 April 2015

Champange Lifestyle's Uniform


21 April 2015

No- Carb Spag- Bol

I have taken the healthy kick into full spring. And whilst I am okay giving up the odd chocolate bar every now and then, I am not okay with giving up my comfort favorites. Thank god for courgetti, aka no- carb Spag- bol....

16 April 2015

Hipster Buns

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